It was 2010 when I shot my very fist wedding. It was January and the event took place in San Francisco. That is where it all began.

Being self-taught, there is a huge learning curve. It took us seven years to finally develop our own personal “epic” style. Thanks to the resources available to me through world wide web, I was able to learn a lot. Combining it with my personal experience, it’s been my wish to share some of that knowledge with you.

We shot two weddings this past month. Both couples were from the East Coast. Both weddings had a photographer by the name Sarah. But that’s not the best part.

As we look back to our entire journey as “wedding videographers”, from the day we shot our very first wedding in San Francisco (for free) to today. When couples fly in from across the country and intrust us with capturing their epic celebration! 

Javier & Renee. Another amazing couple. Like I said, they flew in from New Jersey and decided to have their wedding ceremony at Vintage Estate in Yountville, CA. Javier was by far the most involved groom that I’ve ever worked with. Which was awesome. He was on top of everything and kept us in the loop the entire time. Through out an entire day they treated us like family. One of our highlights was the father-daughter dance, with Javier and his beautiful daughter Avery. They danced under the song, “Let It Go” from Frozen. It made us like that song again!

It was a very hot day, but that didn’t stop us from capturing some epic stuff! Especially, when Renee has been practicing one of our iconic shots - a slow-mo push towards the bride, as she looks up towards the camera!

You can see this shot and more here:

Carolyn & Alec flew in from Brooklyn and chose The Holly Farm to be their wedding venue. This is one of our top venues to film in California by-the-way. Carolyn and Alec were down for anything. They were always making sure we were getting the shots that we wanted, which is always a good thing! We love when couples get involved in our creative process. Their vows were definitely one of our highlights. Alec comes with some theater background, and his writing skills were top notch as well. It’s always a big win for us when couples include their personal vows. But what we heard from Carolyn & Alec during their ceremony gave us a home run.

We were looking forward to the magic hour. We knew that we HAD to get some “romantics” during that special time of the evening. As soon as we positioned our couple into that pool of light, the magic happened. Catch a glimpse of their vows and magic created by their love in this short teaser:

We’ve shot both of these with Sony A7S Mark II. I keep Sony A6300 on my Ronin gimbal as a third camera for the whole day. I have it running with Zeiss 16-35. Al the other glass we used was Canon & Sigma glass. 

Music plays a big role in our videos. Thanks to Music Bed, our pictures come alive as soon as we combine it with that perfect track. It took us couple days to find that perfect song for both of the teasers.

Thanks for stopping by. If you got any questions, please ask.


Here is the link to Sarah’s work, who shot Renee & Javier’s wedding: http://www.sarahginderphotography.com/

Here is the link to Sarah’s work, who shot Carolyn & Alec’s wedding: http://sarahkathleen.com/blog/alec-carolyn-holly-farm-carmel-wedding


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