The One We Turned Seven

Seven. Seven blessed years. 

I had this idea for quite some time now. I wanted to highlight our seven years in one short video. This video would have two parts. First half includes dating, wedding, and some honeymoon fun. The second half of the video consists of all the amazingness that took place after our epic celebration.

I knew it would be hard. And it was. Because a lot of fantastic things happened in the past seven years, and to squeeze it all into ten minutes, seemed like an impossible task. 

With that in mind, I sorted through thousands of megabytes of footage, and was able to sort it all into ten minutes of the story line, which basically states the obvious - we are blessed.

Through out the edit process, I cried. I laughed. And I cried some more. I realized again and again of how blessed I am to be married to this woman. Seven years flew by. But thankfully, because we had our camera with us though out most of our endeavors, memories remained.

Ruth and I also started a tradition four years ago, where every night we will say what we love about each other for that specific day. It’s a rule that we cannot repeat the same “I Love You’s”, that is why we go into details… Haha! You can hear some of those points mentioned in the voice over, during the second half of the video.

And to put a cherry on top, I asked my niece Natasha to write us a poem. We exchanged a few texts, and she got back to me with this masterpiece.

It all came together perfectly. We both watched it. We both cried. We both laughed… Let me introduce to you - “Seven”.

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