Victor was incredibly responsive and perfect to work with up to and during the day. The main advice I would give is to be patient with the final film. Speaking only for us, the trailer arrived SUPER fast about a week or two later while the final film arrive until about 6 months after the wedding. Personally, we didn't mind but having the trailer so soon only increased the anticipation for the final product. I can say, however, that while watching his videos of other people's wedding are amazing, they pale in comparison to your own personal film. So, with that being said, the film is more than worth the wait.


Epic studios is absolutely amazing! We almost did not have a video, but thankfully we listened to everyone that said we have to have one. I looked a ton of videos during the interview process and I was not impressed by anyone's work except for Epic Studios. I was tearing up in the videos and I didn't even know these people. As soon as I spoke to Victor I knew that he was the videographer for us. Day of: I live in LA so Victor and I never met in person until the day of the wedding. He came in my room with his crew and introduced himself. My first impression was that he was genuine. That is one thing that I look for in people especially people that I hired for my wedding. He had 3 people in his crew (including himself). I also hired a photographer who had an assistant. You would think 5 people documenting your wedding is overwhelming and feels like a reality show. To be honest, Epic Studios was amazing and I didn't even notice that they were there. That is how it should feel in order to get your natural self :) Video Teaser: I just received my video teaser and am in LOVE. It made our family and friends tear up. Everyone was amazed with Epic Studios talent to re-capture the day and feel like you were there again. Overall: Epic Studios care about their clients. They also make sure to put their best work out. They love what they do and it shows. Do NOT skim on videographer or photographer. You get what you pay for. Epic Studios is hands down the best videographer!


Epic Studios is the vendor you have to hire! You will not regret your decision. Victor has an amazing talent and is one hundred percent passionate about his work. Victor has a very kind personality and will make you the spotlight on your wedding day! He captures all the perfect moments, pays attention to all the details of your wedding and creates a film that will bring you to tears. We absolutely love his work and really enjoyed having him at our wedding. Victor is very professional, flexible and his work is outstanding

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